The Twin Stick and Animations VOL 1

Rare, wonderful and expensive controllers called Twin Stick have a rich history and it's mysteries. Sega introduced it to the world back in the 90's. The twin stick controller was attached to all Sega manufactured Virtual-On arcade cabinets Virtual-On (aka OMG) 1995, Oratorio Tangram 1998 and Force 4 in 2001. Sega also released or licensed the Twin Stick for home console and PC use along with/and the specific ports of their games. But only in Japan.

Since 1997, if you wanted to use these gems, that make playing Virtual-On games feel as your actually piloting the Virtuaroid as opposed to operating a Virtuaroid by remote control using the game pad, you had to import a twin stick.

If you have been the "lucky one" (in the West) out of all your friends to shell out mucho dinero to own a twin stick, most instructional literature for twin stick's use for VO games is written in Japanese. So what do you do to learn and exploit all the nuances in Virtual-On using twin sticks?

Learn Japanese and read the plethora of instructional literature? If your answer is yes, I say good luck with that. If it's no, I say watch Animations VOL 1.

Two titans have joined forces, VO-MC and GHOST INDUSTRIES in partnership to make available to West's VO twin stick players the ultimate twin stick instructions in the West's market, available.

Animations VOL 1 is the first in-depth 3rd generation twin stick instruction video series. Keep your eye out for more. But for now watch, learn and practice all seen in Animations VOL 1 the video!

Then we'll meet in lobby and maybe show our Japanese brethren some real competition! Let's do our best!

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