OVERWORKED! TwinStick@CIS *Update* Translated Report- To Aru Majutsu No Index / CT Virtual-On

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TwinStick@CIS ‏@twinstick continues his contribution to the West!

His translation assistance is help for all English speakers to understand and enjoy the background story of the collaboration between No Index and Virtual-On.

The following are Twitter Japanese quotes of Juro Watari (VO Prouducer) translated into English by TwinStick@CIS ‏@twinstick

...And translation for new tweets from Juro Watari follows in the next few tweets. #virtualon Some people must be wondering 'L'Ln Plajiner? Who is she, a new guest heroine or something?', #virtualon (cont. but the original character is a key heroine in the center of the Virtual-On world, so please give her a warm welcome. Also for this tie-up novel, I have not made any specific designations such as 'which character should pilot which VR'. #virtualon (cont. The match-up between each VR and character is totally based on choices made by Kamachi-san. (end) #virtualon

REPORT CONTINUED: New updates on the Virtual-On x Index tie-up novel. Product info details continued on next tweet(cont. http://dengekibunko.jp/newreleases/978-4-04-865945-1/ … #virtualon A Certain Magical Index x Cyber Troopers Virtual-On / A Certain Magical Virtual-On (cont.#virtualon At its 20th year, the legendary arcade game and Index series in a miraculous tie-up! #virtualon There is a mega-hit next-gen game in the Academy City. A combat game utilizing giant VRs within the actual Academy City streets. #virtualon The game is called 'Cyber Troopers Virtual-On'. Since all the game requires is control techniques regardless of being an Esper or not, (cont. the game gained explosive popularity among the students in the Academic City. #virtualon (cont. The day when Index, with her customized white Bal-Bados, and Kamijyo Toma, with his default Temjin started to battle- #virtualon (cont. 'I am L'Ln, L'Ln Plajiner, not Lilina...yawn...' A sleepy looking girl arrived at the Academy City. #virtualon (cont. And Kamijyo encounters a phenomenal accident which is not meant to happen in a normal Virtual-On game. #virtualon (cont. This was a signal of an opening to a larger-than-life battle merging both Virtual-On and the Academic City! #virtualon (cont. Numerous customized Virtuaroids including Raiden piloted by Mikoto Misaka, and Engelan piloted by Misaki Shokuho! #virtualon (cont. A completely new story with novel written by Kazuma Kamachi and illustration by Hajime Katoki! #virtualon

(Latest cont.

With regard to us new testament index volume 15 table 4 band. Introduction to virtuaroncollabo you will see like! Thank you in advance. #index #バーチャロン #virtualon

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