Cyber Troopers #VirtualOn Oratorio Tangram 5.2 Rev.B Arcade Casual Play & TOURNAMENT 2016!

VO-MC convinced it had it's hands full of (undisclosed) projects, decides to pile On one more! The Boss, happy now (after long negotiations with event heads) instructed us to say, "we have come to terms with the southwest's newest arcade & pinball show"

VO-MC's Photo: Zapcom 2013

ZAPCON arcade and pinball expo is in it's 4 year of operation. It's a gathering of everything "insert coin" related. But during it's yearly one weekend show, "all related" is now set to FREE PLAY! Of course there is a one time admission fee for each of it's two day of operations.

*NOTE: Nothing ever is completely free, The Boss says, "grow up already."*

VO-MC's commitment to ZAPCON is to provide dueling arcades, Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram for the two day event. These cabs VOOT 5.2 Rev.B, already set to FREE PLAY now and will continue as-is at ZAPCON.

VO-MC will also host a VOOT competition tournament each day and provide a VO related prize to each tournament Winner.

What's ZAPCON's commitment to VO-MC? It's location. If things get "a little" outta hand and the fuzz is on the way, the cabs and everything VO-MC related will be the first... to disappear.

Location is everything.

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