Aru Majutsu No Index / Cyber troopers Virtual-On

March 9th Sega of Japan sends out official announcement of collaboration To Aru Majutsu No Index / Cyber troopers Virtual-On

News of this collab, suprised VO-MC and is welcomed news.

This means... A new VO story? New celeb pilots? A anime movie? New game? We hope the answer is yes to all. This collaboration brings to mind Capcom's wonderful Cyberbots game (arcade & Sega Saturn), memorable pilot stars in fighting mechs. Tho jib-jab between battling pilots in Index / VO, I presume will have a little more depth & substance than Cyberbots. I p r e s u m e .


Unsolicited, soldier TwnStk@Cyberimaginaryspace gave us the following (translated report) Juro Watari twittering of how collab with no index started!

TwnStk@電脳虚数空間 ‏@twinstick · Mar 17 A few quotes from Juro Watari's tweets : (1)This collaboration between the two series is more than just 'borrowing and lending characters'. (2)It is a true collaboration in which the 2 series seriously collide head-to-head in order to create something completely new. (3)These kind of co-work uses up a lot of energy, and people behind famous IPs tend to be busy, making it difficult to even have a talk. (4)In that sense, the fact that this collaboration with the Index series even happened, is close to a miracle in my opinion. (5)The idea was brought up when me(Juro Watari) and Mr. Katoki were discussing about the 20th anniversary of VO back in 2013. (6)When we were out of ideas, Katoki-san suddenly brought up the topic about the 'Railgun S' anime series he had watched lately. (7)Especially at the final episode, there were giant robots appearing and everything went wild, but was wrapped up well and fun to watch. (8)So after some talks, I asked Katoki-san 'What if the Index characters got to pilot the Virtuaroids and do a big fight with them?' (9)And Katoki-san replied 'If such a thing would happen for real, making that into an interesting piece should be something worth doing.' (10)So I headed to Dengeki and talked with Kamachi-san and Miki-san, and surprisingly, they accepted the offer. 'Let's make something fun!' (11)For this collaboration, Kamachi-san will do a research on the world of VO and play the game itself to blend it into the Index world. (12)With the help of the effort, the novel itself was put together very well. Although I cannot reveal about the details yet. (13)Also, it is a big point that Katoki-san is drawing for this novel. I really wanna talk about it, but please wait for update from Dengeki (14)And when a crossover like this happens, what I should do is make a game out of it, but I cannot say anything official at the moment. (15)But we are doing our best in our daily work to make that come true, so I wish that I can announce it someday in a proper form. TwnStk@電脳虚数空間 ‏@twinstick · Mar 17 (16)That's the end of this report. Please look forward to the collaboration between Index and VO, and also don't forget your support! (end)

VO-MC Thanks @twinstick for his hard work!

No Index movie. Example of what's to come?

The miracle of the movie and the Aru majutsu no index list of Endymion [English subtitles]

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