Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram 5.2 East Vs. West... Mistake?

VO-MC has been busy aquiring goods to create a VO-Dojo for the Boss... a battle ground of sorts. Many hours of web searching, traveling, transporting, fabracating and assembling precious Virtual-On Arcade parts has brought VO-MC to this.

Will aquire at any cost attitude sobordinates of VO-MC got sloppy, the Boss wasn't happy... at first. The captain, instead of checking at initial reciept of the goods, checked well after any potential problems could possibly be corrected.

So today another first for the Boss. If you don't get exactly what the Boss wants, make the best of the situation and create an item that is so fabulous and unique the Boss won't remember what he wanted in the first place!

EAST Vs. WEST VOOT was a mistake and not functional! Further investments, time and the joker (now wearing cement shoes... and going for a dive) did what had to do. Make the opposing international VOOT cabs work. And work they do!

Pictures and video display this VOOT 5.2 uniqueness.

East Vs. West could become a trend.

Here, all it takes is two people sitting in the 5.2 chairs ready for battle. No matter where they are from.

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