Existing Virtual-On Have A Chance on New Gen Console?

Microsoft, who has all 3 Virtual-On arcade games available on it's Xbox 360 is introducing Backward Compatibility to the Xbox One.

A virtual Xbox 360 (emulator) will soon exist in Xbox One's operating system software code. Each game to be compatible to the 360 emulator will have to go through a process. All Microsoft's 360 (first party games) will be made playable to the 360 emulator. Next is... THE VOTE! https://xbox.uservoice.com/forums/298503-backwards-compatibility/suggestions/8379429-cyber-troopers-virtual-on-oratorio-tangram

Xbox Feedback page is asking all that have a Xbox/Microsoft account to sign-in and vote for their favorite Xbox 360 games. So far this Survey is only for the North American released games list. That said only Cyber-Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram is qualified to receive votes. Operation Moon Gate and Force 4 are on the Japan released games list and are unavailable to this Survey. Anyone in the world with Xbox/Microsoft account can vote. So "Do it!" Leave a comment too! When Japan and the rest East get's their official survey, we will be back here to inform "all" again to get out the vote!

See what's next! No... See the umm well... what is up? (I chuckled)

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