To My Chagrin…

Twitter’s motto is “Join the Conversation.” But just as a verbal conversation, Twitter conservations can, (if not “joined” from the beginning of) make the mind wander and sometimes getting the wrong idea. In this case, the conversation began with the “punch line” a retweet. For me, was unknown. (The following tweet is where it began and continues)
I “join the conversation” reading the fresh tweets from @VOForce360 to the words of the like… robo , pilot , sensors and machines. I get a little jazzed!

My mind begins to stir. What’s being referenced? Is this anything to do with Virtual-On? An expectation to a mechanic in new Virtual-ON? My mission next… check @VOForce360 ‘s TL!

What? Is, is… Awww crap!

It’s high tech urinals installed in Sega’s Tokyo Joypolis restroom.

Ok, I guess these might be pretty cool. The video on the wall does give the eyes a place to focus while getting your business done and may keep them from accidently looking at your neighbors business.

NOTE: No mention at time of this post, if the urinals will give “a assist, tap tap” when one is finishing their personal experience in Sega’s Tokyo Joypolis restroom.

NOTE II: Found the pic from last year when the twitter "stream" and Sega (if my memory is correct) were having dicussions on this very urinal subject. Ok, sometimes I keep pics that I am amazed to see. Here you go! Or... "it" goes!

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