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Virtual-On Virtual-On Virtual-On. Want to know business aspects of this place. Look to the right of this page. Your concern is need to know Virtual-On Virtual-On Virtual-On VOOMG VOOT VO4 & 12/22/2016

Man. Patience, wisdom to go along with straight in your face scarcasm. VO-MC asset. VO-MC Confidant.


vomegacorp@gmail.com ATTN: @eggpire

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The business, can tie you in knots. Places I'm no longer obliged to go or accociate with some not in "it's" preceived favor. All my action's are now regulated by "The Man". Doesn't show his face. I only get see a signature at end of the week, when cashing the check . You won't see me here alot but when I show, you can address me as BLANK FRANK.


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Want to contribute to this joint but other things don't allow you? YOU CAN DO IT.

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 By chance, is your belief of how you came to this place. That's not quite accurate. You were directed here. VO-MC is your home now. Membership in VO-MC is for a lifetime. Yours. There are duties you need to perform. VO-MC website is where you receive instructions. We know who you are. Welcome into VIRTUALON-MEGACORP  


                      The VirtualOn-MegaCorp site is a one-stop, web-based resource of Virtual-On's World in Virtual Century. VO-MC is an electronic hub of let's say... directive's. All news, information and creative activity from all areas of Virtual-On's World and collected Syndicates is your assigned viewing by: The Upper Management. 


                      The key to VO-MC is aggregation – combining both new and existing resources in a single, virtual space. With permission granted by the VO-MC Top Hierarchy, associates that enter the system, can easily access VirtualOn-MegaCorp's contents simply, by following this instruction: Proceed to VO-MC- HOME Page then navigate through its contents, by articles or button icons. Alternatively, associates may find it wise to subscribe to the site through VO-MC's RSS feed (located on right) and receive automatic directive notifications of your personal and Organization instructive updates.


                          It might be said all the Virtual-On found on VO-MC website is like riding your favorite attraction at an amusement park. The rest you find here might could say... is the concession stands. 


                           So you askin who is in VirtualOn-MegaCorp? Around here, this kinda inquisition can cause some trouble. I'll  say something to Sottocappo. Then I'll find you and might have you an answer. Maybe more. Heard the words "don't ask don't tell"? May no longer work for some outfits, but you can say it's VO-MC's credos. 


                           Ethical practices is a term best defined by the one using it. Everything has structure. VO-MC you can say is even organized. 


                           VO-MC will continue to procure (by any means necessary) a variety of co-operator's into the system.


These are member types in the VO-MC Organization 


Capporegimes (Syndicate Heads) 


Cappo (Captains) 


Soldati (soldier members)   


Picciotti (associate members) 


Dark List (anonymous contributors) 


                               New Associate members are VO-MC organization assets. After taking the "oath of silence" (Omertà)*, your membership in VO-MC is official. Membership in VO-MC is for a lifetime. Yours. Your lifetime (membership) could be cut short at anytime by upper management if deemed no longer an asset. Example reasons that can get an Associate terminated: break the oath of silence or The BOSS had a bad day and wanted someone to disappear. So do your duties, and do everyday as if it's the last. 


Associate members can only be promoted to soldier after a period of being a "on record" associate to VO-MC . And must be sponsored by the soldier's caporegime (cappo or captain), and personally cleared by The BOSS. Once inducted into VO-MC, a soldier is now part of a crew, a collection of soldiers and associates working under a cappo. A soldier's main responsibility is to do as told and stay in line with his capo. Under most circumstances, a soldier never receives directives directly from The Boss. Rather, the boss passes orders down the chain of command to the soldiers. Soldiers also serve as muscle for their Syndicate. Like an associate, he can also be relied on to commit acts of participation in duties. The soldier is obliged to obey orders from his cappo. As a made man, he is bound by the code of omertà* and must serve loyally for life. Since the soldier is a made man, he is considered untouchable in this corp world.



*Omertà[1] (/ɵˈmɛərtə/; Italian pronunciation: [omerˈta]) is a cultural expression and code of honor that places legitimate importance on a deep-rooted family sense of a "code of silence", non-aggravation with authorities, and non-interference in the legal actions of others 


 VO-MC authority structure:  


THE DON (Boss head) 


Conciglieri (Counselor) 


Sottocappo (Underboss) 


Capporegimes (Syndicate Heads) 


Cappo (Captains) 


Soldati (soldiers) 


Picciotti (associates)  


VirtualOn-MegaCorp declaration: 


All or part of the information provided on this ABOUT page, if asked may or may not be true. The answer one get's depends on who's doing the asking.  Management  




VirtualOn-MegaCorp is an ongoing Collector, Monopoly VO Mega Corporation.